Sous Vide Water Balls

Slow cooked sous vide tastes fantastic – just think of short ribs, brisket or chuck roast. On the other hand, you have to top up the water regularly to counteract the evaporation, use an inconvenient lid or cling wrap, or just hope that the water level stays above your food for the whole time.  Now though, you can use our Sous Vide Water Balls.

  • Save money – keep the heat and water in and reduce your bills
  • Reduce stress – no need to worry about low water levels, even for multi day cooking sessions
  • Versatility – use whatever sized container you want, whether you’re cooking for two or if you have guests coming over, these balls will work on whatever you’ve got
  • Look sharp – get a solution that, unlike cling wrap, looks professional and is reusable. The drying bag keeps things organised.