Ever had sous vide bags that float?

Try some of our sous vide magnets and keep the bags safely pinned to the wall of your containers. Don’t risk serving up undercooked food to your guests. 

No more floaters!

Do your bags act like life preservers rather than anchors? Keep them underwater, where they belong, with our Sous Vide magnets.

Space savers

Do you have too much storage space and not enough stuff? No? Great, because these guys take up almost no space at all! You can even use them to hold up your kid’s latest masterpiece on the fridge when they aren’t in action. 

Works on just about anything

Worried your clips will scratch your valuable pots, or not get over the lip of your containers? We’ve got you covered. These magnets will work on any material – aluminium, plastic, copper. Just not mu-metal, OK?